jueves, 18 de noviembre de 2010


*If in the present the people  think what exist live in other planets ¿ 200 years ago people had  the same aproaches?

Ir were the same questions but with curiosity and that questions were lext to a group of researchers  who did not resolve that because they were occuped in the war and like control to the natives and other things like the advances.

* If nowdays some revolutionarys tes are called "guerrillons" and if  people whot partipated of our independence were "revolutionary"¿whit are called heroes or libertors of the country and not guerrillas?

They are called heroes because they liberate european yoke tired of mistread and the abuse uniting to form armies and attacked to the what want take our earths and thanks to them we are free.

*In that time were married for the  church.Besides of catholic marriage¿which were the other forms of compromise?

The other  forms of compromise were their love what they  had  each other and also the respect of their parents. 

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